Charitable activities to support people in Central Viet Nam

These days, people in central Vietnam is struggling with the extremely heavy impact from the floods. Looking at pictures of the houses were unroofed, trees knocked, gutted schools, people suffering because of floods ... have made many people feel pity. 

The consequences of the recent floods

In the spirit of "solidarity", to promptly share with the loss and drudgery of Central compatriots in the lurch, from 8 th - 10th, November, 2016, TPAI-ers handed the gift of support to 220 households are struggling after a flood in Thuan Hoa village (Quang Truong - Quang Trach - Quang Binh province).

Volunteer teams gave gifts to households in Thuan Hoa village

On 8th, November,2016, volunteer teams of TPAI went to Quang Binh province. The closer Quang Binh, worse weather with heavy rain, winds and flooded roads. Early in the morning of 9th, November, volunteer teams were present at People’s Committee, gave gift, visited and encouraged Central’s people. Each gift includes: 10kg of rice and 300 000 VND. On this day, 220 presents were handed 220 households in Thuan Hoa village.

The trip has left more meaningful feelings towards the volunteer team members

The volunteer trip ended has left emotional heart of each person. Perhaps for all people, the sharing, sincere feelings and values is the greatest happiness that we have for each other, it makes life becomes meaningful than ever.


In order to strengthen solidarity and enhance work efficiency, summer tourism program - "Enjoy Summer" was held successfully in Nha Trang from From 02nd to 05th, July, 2016. The program also has the participation of all staff come from companies of TPAI ‘s Group, such as: ECPay, Pist, TSI, Hoang Lien, EHN, VMC ... In here, we have time to relax at the 4-star luxury resort - Diamond Bay Resort & Spa Nha Trang. The trip has left many impressive moments and unforgettable memories.

This is not only a key program in July but also is an opportunity to gather the largest staff in the two regions, the summer 2016 tourism program has been planned and prepared several months earlier. Programs promoting the creative spirit, unity, hard, team spirit and business culture. So, the color characterized most TPAI’s Group has been soul into each item, throughout the whole journey.
Lasted for the first 4 days of July, the program "Enjoy Summer" marked by musical beach party night "Summer Break Party", Teambuilding programs "work hard, play hard" and Gala "Enjoy Summer" eventful. Through the program, the staff of TPAI Group not only have the opportunity to meet and talk, but also to promote understanding solidarity, teamwork skills in all activities. Especially, in this trip, medals for partners, guests and honors outstanding employees for the first 6 months was president of La Quang Binh awarded. This is an honor as well as tremendous momentum, boosting the efforts of individuals TPAI’s Group. Encouragement, timely encouragement was of great significance to every individual in the career development of the TPAI’s Group. Also in the program , 09 year anniversary of the formation and development of  TPAI's Group are held in there.

Ending in many nostalgically, all TPAI-er have a lot of impressions. Participate fully in all the activities for 4 days, the journey is like a bridge of love, to enrich the beauty of the corporate culture. After a memorable journey, we returned to our work. But the spirit, solidarity, love TPAI’s Group referring to the journey each year are multiplying, becoming culture precious mount in each person's heart.

TPAI Group “share the love, get happy”

For many years, in parallel with the business development mission, TPAI have frequently launched charitable activities shows responsibility to the community, contributing stabilize social security such as: mutual fund supporting disadvantaged employees have or participate in charitable programs. Following the tradition of unity, solidarity, TPAI and the members company of TPAI’s Group is ECPay and Pist were organized charity programs to the orphans at Wat From An, Vung Tau and the charitable program at Nhat Ven, Bac Kan.
Charity delegation in Ho Chi Minh left the city early in August, 14th  and the first stop of the delegation are Minh Dam base area of Long Dien District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. Charitable Union have jointly come through the 327m high mountain where tireless. Upon arrival, the group had the same incense commemorate the revolutionary fighters in Minh Dam and express gratitude to those national heroes.


Parting Minh Dam base area, charitable mission to the Tu An temple (Ba Ria-Vung Tau). The temple is home to nearly 200 underprivileged children. Happiness is something that few people define but maybe with you here, happy to be known simply as the word Father - Mother. They left behind not only by birth but now receive love is to live and grow thanks to the love of good people not by blood. Hopefully, with a little bit of his contribution, TPAI, ECPay and Pist can share the warmth of love and happiness to those less fortunate lives.
In 30-31/ 8/2016, TPAI, ECPay and PIST has special trip to the elementary school and preschool Japan Integrity, Phuc Loc commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan province. Not only supports books, school supplies for children in difficult circumstances, TPAI, ECPay, PIST also created more for smaller classes colorful playground.

Apart from sharing material, TPAI desire to share the emotional deprivation for children, with homemade toys or school supplies, hope the children will have more fun at school. We are looking forward to regularly receive positive feedback from teachers, from schools about the situation of the children studying here. Through this practice, also desired TPAI, ECPay and PIST occasions after being visited and shared to other campuses in the region.

Is one of many activities that reflect the social responsibility of business, always with the TPAI,ECPay, PIST disadvantaged, especially the future generations of preschool country. Still a lot of planning that we cherished charity done throughout all the national domain in the near future. Hopefully this contribution will partly help them more warm, more motivated to study to become a useful man to the society.

The results of companies have invested by TPAI (ECPay)

TPAI was born in 2007 with original foundation as a trading company of agricultural products. After 09 years, Thuan Phat rapid rise to strong growth, becoming an investment company active in various fields of business and different products. Operate effectively help TPAI become strategic partners with major brand partners are entrusted import and export of financial relations with Ministry of National Defense Vietnam, Ministry of Public Security Viet Nam, Vietnam Electricity. This has contributed to elevate TPAI’s name, a steppingstone for Thuan Phat  grow strongly.

 Growth rate of 61.57% compared to 2014 and increased by 103% compared to the plan in place, the business results in 2015 are strong stepping stone for the boom in the near future. 2016 is expected to achieve revenue growth of 10%, total profit before tax increased by 10% -15%. Currently, Thuan Phat includes 10 departments and 9 investment company. One of these company is Electricity and Telecommunications Payment Solutions JSC (ECPay).

Electricity and Telecommunications Payment Solutions JSC (ECPay) was established on 07/05/2010 by 4 total subsidiaries: EVN Finance, EVNTelecom, EVN Ha Noi and EVN Ho Chi Minh. The main task of ECPay is the construction management and payment gateway concentrated power of  VietNam Electricity, implement the policy of the Prime Minister on the promotion of non-cash payments. On 12.17.2015, the e-wallet of ECPay -  eDong officially licensed by The State Bank of Viet Nam with Document No. 31 / GP-NHNN.

Currently, ECPay are deploying and providing services to customers, products for payment include electronic wallet services eDong; Services ECPay electronic payment gateway; Support services expenditures of households collecting electricity bills for customers of the Bank. With this service products, ECPay towards becoming one of the largest payment gateway strongest and the most respected in Viet Nam. By this time, from a small company with a few dozen employees, now has nearly 600 ECPay’s employees with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, built more than 600 fixed and mobile revenues, have multiple partners large customer, geographical expansion across the country are being increasingly deployed quickly and strongly. Electronic Payment Gateway ECPay initially go to the goal of becoming the leading choice of businesses and millions of individual customers. With sales of 10,000 billion in 2015 (2.6x more than in 2014), ECPay set sales targets: 14,400,000 billion in 2016, with 1000 staff officer.